The 1910 Trust

As a social enterprise, we donate our profits to our charity owner, The 1910 Trust.

Charity & Social Enterprise
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For over 25 years Green Willow Funerals has been helping to support the local community, not only with the services we provide and families we help but also by donating our profits to charity. The vision of The 1910 Trust is to provide the communities of South Wales with aid for projects for individuals and groups, which inspire people to achieve beyond what they thought possible.

The impact of our social enterprise with The 1910 Trust

Making a difference

Projects funded and grants provided by the 1910 Trust have made a substantial change across a wide range of areas including charities, local teams and groups.

Supporting local communities in South Wales

The 1910 Trust funds positive local community projects exclusively in the South Wales region.

Supporting disadvantaged groups

The 1910 Trust supports disadvantaged groups and people with education, physical, and psychological needs.

By choosing Green Willow Funerals, you are contributing to helping others in your community. Our donated profits help to create opportunities to support a wide range of voluntary organisations, groups, and individuals. Applications for funding are reviewed by The 1910 Trust Trustees in an inclusive, ethical and transparent manner and are awarded on a majority decision.

Support the Cardiff YMCA (1910 Trust):

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