Alternative Ways to Commemorate a Deceased Loved One

If you have chosen a traditional funeral or even a direct cremation, you have the opportunity to organise other ways to create a personal and fitting memorial at a time of your choosing. There are numerous ways to celebrate, remember and commemorate a deceased loved one with friends and family.

Here are a few Ideas of how commemorate a deceased loved one:

• The venue could be at home, in a restaurant, in a pub or even outdoors. Perhaps at a place the deceased particularly enjoyed.

• Favourite music can be chosen to be played.

• Food and drink to suit the venue and occasion.

• Photographs of the loved one could be displayed.

• Guests might be encouraged to make an informal speech about their memories of the deceased.

• If the person you are remembering was flamboyant, maybe include colour and glitz.

• It also might be appropriate to have the scattering of ashes at this event.

• Many of these ideas also make it easier to include children in this type of commemoration.

By organising your own memorial you have control to be as creative as you like to make a fitting send off for your loved one.

Other Ways to Make a More Lasting Commemoration:

People often like to have a way of doing something to honour and remember a lost relative or friend that they can refer to in their life

• Apart from the traditional urns there are many different new styles and materials.

• Ashes of the deceased can be scattered at a particular important location that can be visited in the future.

• There are companies that will place ashes into commemorative jewellery, pendants and keep sakes.

• A bench with an appropriate plaque.

• Make a donation to a charity.

• Create a memorial website or a Facebook page can be created.

• Write a simple message in the Book of Remembrance at the crematorium.

• Arrange a picture memory box and fill it with sentimental items.

• Finally, You can also plant a tree, which is great for the environment!

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