Cremations and Burials

Choosing between a cremation or burial is a personal choice and will depend on several factors such as religious and personal preferences as well as financial considerations. Here are a few points to consider:


During a cremation service, a hearse will arrive and the coffin will be placed on a raised platform (referred to as a catafalque), then the service will take place. Towards the end of the service, curtains will usually close as family and friends depart.


Less expense

The cost of both attended and unattended cremations are generally less expensive than the cost of a burial.

Typically takes longer to arrange a funeral

Dates available when arranging a cremation may be later than those of a burial.


By having a loved one’s ashes it gives you an array of options including keeping a loved one close to you or scattering ashes at a place that was important to them.

Religious beliefs

Your loved one’s faith may decide whether they are cremated.

A burial service

A burial service is a ceremony that will take place at a burial plot, your loved one will be laid to rest and lowered into the ground.


Additional expense

Due to additional third-party disbursements which include purchasing a plot and additions such as headstones can make burial more costly.

Typically, quicker to arrange a funeral

There are usually earlier dates available for a funeral when arranging a burial.

A place to visit

Family and friends are often comforted by the fact they have a particular place to visit a loved one, or your loved one may already have a family plot.

Religious beliefs

Some religions may only allow for burial after a loved one’s passing, making burial the only option.