Scatter Tubes

We have many beautiful designs to choose from. Scatter Tubes are easy to use and will keep your loved one’s ashes safe and secure until they are ready to be scattered.

A scatter tube (also known as a scattering tube or biodegradable urn) is designed to scatter a loved one’s ashes in a meaningful and environmentally friendly way. Granted you have permission, ashes can be scattered in many places including gardens, forests, rivers, oceans, or a special place of your choosing.

Scatter tubes are typically made from paper or cardboard and come in a cylinder shape with numerous design and pattern options. The scatter tubes contain a removable seal allowing you to control the scattering of ashes.

Scattering ashes offer families another opportunity to say farewell to their loved ones in a private and personal way.

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If you are thinking about scattering ashes or would like to purchase a scatter tube, contact us to speak with our Client Relationship Team.

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Price: £25

Bluebell Woods

Price: £25


Price: £25


Price: £25

Ocean Sunset

Price: £25


Price: £25


Price: £25

Starry Night

Price: £25


Price: £25

Smaller-sized scatter tubes are also available.

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