10 Ways to Help with Grief and Your Mental Health

Grief, Mental Health and Depression

In life it is often stated that at the top of the list of most stressful events is the death of a loved one. That loss, leading to grief, can cause many mental health issues. It is important to remember that the many negative emotions associated with grief and the bereavement process are normal, natural and often helpful.

Here are some of the emotions that may occur during grief

Anxiety, Guilt, Depression, Stress, Loneliness, Worry, Fear, Denial, Sadness, Despair, Regret and Exhaustion. 

All these mental health issues, especially depression, can be helped and alleviated in a number of ways. So, we have created 10 ways to help with grief and your mental health, which we hope will help you in some small way:

1) Firstly, acknowledge the pain you are feeling. Don’t try and deny how you really feel.

2) Talking to someone about how you feel. Like a friend, family member or counsellor can certainly be useful. 

3) Writing down thoughts and feelings. “Journaling” helps you gain control of your emotions. And helps you manage and organise them effectively.

4) Taking regular exercise can also really help improve mood and reduce anxiety. Walking or running in nature can be very restorative. This connection helps to contribute to our happiness. 

5) Try to eat healthily and get the balance right, stay hydrated and also be careful about alcohol intake. 

6) Maintaining regular sleep patterns. Poor sleep can have a negative impact on your mental health

7) Meet-up with friends for particular events, simply feeling included is beneficial, belonging fulfils an important emotional health need.

8) Visit somewhere new, it’s great at clearing your head and viewing your life from a different perspective. 

9) Be kind to yourself. At times we can be too critical of ourselves. 

10) Finally, see this time as an opportunity to reset and re-evaluate. Also, take a step back and possibly plan your next chapter. 

Everyone is different in their reactions to grief and mental health, but an acceptance that although grief has to be endured, given time the pain lessens and taking each day as it comes will make you stronger. Then you can be sad, yet feel more positive with happy memories of the person you have lost yourself. 

Here at Green Willow Funerals we strive to offer the best help and support during your time of grief and your ongoing mental health. But, for further support there are organisations that help with bereavement depression and mental health. 

Here are some useful links:
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